“Star Wars” Video Game “Ragtag” & Video Game Studio Visceral Shut Down

Similar to when #Disney shut down #LucasArts & its #StarWars #1313 video game in 2013, #EA has now shut down #Visceral & its video game #Ragtag, which they were developing to be a single-player “Star Wars” video game focused on the villainy of the “Star Wars” universe.


Key art for Visceral’s Ragtag with key Han Solo-esque character Dodger in the center.

Plagued by a variety of problems, EA shut down Visceral on Oct. 17, 2017 as well as development of the Ragtag video game. While one former unnamed Visceral employees have characterized this as a “mercy killing”, it’s yet another sad chapter in what might have been a very exciting Star Wars video game for fans of the franchise. Ragtag, which was focused on a Han Solo-esque character named Dodger, was going to include a team of other similar playable characters in what was going to be a single-player video game.

While there’s no single reason that anyone can point to why this happened, it’s safe to say that EA simply didn’t see any profit coming from this single-player video game after having spent a lot of time & money on it already. Visceral had a higher operating cost because it was located in San Francisco. It also never had enough staff to develop Ragtag. A decision to “flatten” the management structure at Visceral may have prompted more innovation by the staff that was there, but many key positions that were needed for direction were left unfilled until EA got its Vancouver studio involved, which had a more normal management structure. Not surprisingly, not only did these two management styles come to clash, developers at Visceral came to see decisions and appointments coming from Vancouver as taking over development of the video game from them.

Other contributing factors, such as long delays from #LucasFilm to approve things that Visceral wanted to do, EA managers asking where better known Star Wars characters were, the person in charge (Amy Henning) taking on too much responsibility, etc. (these are listed very well on Kotaku’s article about which we have referenced), were all part of the demise of both the studio and video game.

Unfortunately, we’ll never know who Dodger & his compatriots may have been.


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