Disneyland & “Galaxy’s Edge” Practically Empty

After the massive crowds that filled #GalaxysEdge at #Disneyland to capacity within an hour on its first full opening day on June 24, 2019, people have since essentially stopped visiting the park, leaving it and “Galaxy’s Edge” practically empty. Obviously #Disney had not anticipated this to occur as it had also opened a brand new 5000-space parking garage to handle the anticipated increase in crowds that “Galaxy’s Edge” was expected to bring in.

So why is hardly anyone visiting Disneyland & “Galaxy’s Edge”? Several factors are believed to be keeping people away:

  • The most obvious: fear of overcrowding and long lines for “Galaxy’s Edge”, even with Disney creating a “virtual queue”.
  • Overall fear of crowds flooding the rest of Disneyland and causing long lines throughout the park.
  • Increases in ticket prices.
  • Blackouts for Disneyland season pass holders and cast members.
  • “Galaxy’s Edge” is only half complete & half open.

People visiting Disneyland who have posted videos on YouTube show a relatively empty park with very short wait lines for rides as short as 5-10 minutes:




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