2nd Season of “Star Wars Resistance” to be its Last; Trailer Revealed

The new trailer for the 2nd season of “#StarWars #Resistance” has been released. However, this will also be its final season.

The 2nd & last season will serve as a bridge story that takes place between #TheLastJedi and #TheRiseOfSkywalker. “The final season of Resistance takes place during The Last Jedi and leading up to the events of The Rise of Skywalker,” a Disney rep said. “With the movie coming up in December, this was a natural place to end the show with an epic finale.”

The official description of the final season of “Resistance” is as follows:

“The story picks up after a harrowing escape from the First Order, as the Colossus and all its residents find themselves lost in space, pursued by Agent Tierny and Commander Pyre. Kaz and team also face a myriad of new dangers along the way including bounty hunters, a suspicious Hutt, General Hux, and Supreme Leader Kylo Ren. Meanwhile, Tam grapples with her future and where her true allegiance lies, with her friends or the First Order. The thrilling final season will showcase how the unlikeliest of heroes can help spark hope across the galaxy.”

In terms of viewers, “Resistance”, has never achieved the same number of viewers as its two animated predecessors did:

  • #TheCloneWars, which ran for 5 seasons on the #CartoonNetwork & a partial 6th season on #Netflix for a total of 133 episodes. When the series premiered, it became the most-watched series premiere in Cartoon Network history with 3-million viewers.
  • #Rebels, which ran for four seasons on the #DisneyXD network for a total of 75 episodes. Worldwide, it delivered a total of 6.5 million viewers when it premiered on various networks.

While both predecessors had large followings among adult “Star Wars” fans, Disney & LucasFilm wanted to make “Resistance” have a greater appeal to children, so they abandoned the 3D CGI that had been used in favor of a flat 2D animation style that makes it look more like a low-budget Japanese anime. Also, while the stories in both predecessors appealed to both young and adult fans, the plots in “Resistance” were clearly designed to appeal more to kids only. The result: most adult fans of the two predecessors didn’t watch the first season of “Resistance”, so it’s viewership numbers plummeted in comparison. The show premiered with about 330,000 viewers with an average of 400,000 viewers per episode.