2nd Weekend Box Office for “Star Wars IX: The Rise of Skywalker” Down 59% Domestically

In its 2nd weekend, “#StarWars IX: #TheRiseOfSkywalker” earned $72 million domestic box office receipts. This is a decline of $105 million, which is 59.4% below what it earned during its opening weekend of $177.4 million (revised from the earlier reported $175.5 million domestic opening weekend). While this decline isn’t as severe as the whopping $149 million decline (67% decline) that “Star Wars VIII: #TheLastJedi” experienced between its 2nd and opening weekends in 2017, the $72 million that “The Rise of Skywalker” earned during its second weekend is only $1 million more than the $71 million earned by “The Last Jedi” during its 2nd weekend.

Currently, the 10-day cumulative domestic box office total for “The Rise of Skywalker” is $361.8 million, which is slightly lower than the 10-day cumulative domestic box office total of $368 million that “The Last Jedi” earned in 2017.

The currently predicted total domestic box office expected is between $502 million and $612 million, which is line with our own prediction of $545.8 million domestic box office earnings that we made last week.

Outside of the U.S., “The Rise of Skywalker” earned $94 million during its 2nd weekend and has a current overseas cumulative 10-day box office total of $363 million for a total worldwide 10-day cumulative box office total of $724.8 million. The domestic/overseas split is currently 47/53%, so while the film is earning more overseas than domestically, the overall IMDb user ratings for “The Rise of Skywalker” still have a higher domestic user rating of 7.1 over the overseas user rating of 6.8.

Rey in Ep. IX


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