CBS Released New “Star Trek Discovery” Trailer

#CBS has released a new trailer for the upcoming “#StarTrek #Discovery” series! The series will be streamed on the Internet via one of 3 services depending upon your location:

  • “CBS All Access” in the U.S.
  • “Space Crave TV” in Canada.
  • Netflix in the rest of the world.

The series will feature 15 episodes, up from the previously announced 13.

Additional information can be found here.

“Star Trek” Icon William Shatner to Take Zero-G Flight

Iconic #StarTrek actor William Shatner is planning to take a zero-G flight in August, 2017! The 86-year-old actor (who famously portrayed Captain James T. Kirk) has signed up for an Aug. 4 flight with the Zero Gravity Corporation (Zero-G) aboard the company’s modified Boeing 727 aircraft G-Force One, which flies in a series of parabolic arcs to give passengers brief tastes of weightlessness.