For Sale: House with Millennium Falcon in its Backyard 

A home for sale outside of Seattle, WA has a unique feature: a #StarWars Millennium Falcon shaped patio! 

House with Millennium Falcon Shaped Patio

Millennium Falcon Shaped Patio

If you’ve always wanted a home with a Millennium Falcon in the backyard, the current asking price for this home in Federal Way, WA is $698,800 and it has 3,240 square feet of living space. 


20 Years Later, Students Reflect on How “Harry Potter” Shaped Their Lives

As Monday is the 20th anniversary of the publication of the 1st #HarryPotter book, not only J.K. Rowling could not have known how successful the books would become, no one could have imagined the impact the books would have on tens of millions of readers worldwide, both children, students and adults alike!

If you’re a #Potterhead (a Harry Potter fan), what impact have the books & films have on you?



Ron Howard to Direct “Star Wars” Han Solo Movie

#StarWars news: #LucasFilm has just announced that Ron Howard will direct the untitled #HanSolo movie!

This isn’t the 1st time that Ron Howard has directed a movie for LucasFilm: he directed the 1988 “Willow”! He has also directed “Apollo 13”, “A Beautiful Mind” (winner of 4 Academy Awards, including Best Picture & Best Director), “The DaVinci Code” & more! He also starred in George Lucas’ movie “American Graffiti”!

Ron Howard

Ron Howard


Los Angeles Honored the Late Adam West

Last night, the City of Los Angeles honored the late Adam West at City Hall by turning on a bright #Batman symbol on it. Along with the thousands of fans who were present, Adam West’s family was there, along with Burt Ward (who played Robin alongside Adam West as Batman) & Lee Meriwether (who had played Batman foe Catwoman). Representatives from Warner Brothers & DC Comics were also present.

Adam West will always be remembered as Batman. So always remember to stay tuned to the same Bat Time & the same Bat Channel to watch his legendary performance as the Batman.