RIP William Morgan Sheppard

#RIP: actor William Morgan Sheppard has died at the age of 86. He played a Vulcan science minister in the #StarTrek reboot, Qatai in #Voyager, Rura Penthe Klingon commander in #TheUndiscoveredCountry, Dr. Ira Graves in #TNG; Warleader G’Sten / the soul hunter in #Babylon5; Capt. Witwhicky in #Tranformers; Old Canton Delaware in #DoctorWho; Blank Reg in #MaxHeadroom; the professor in #SeaQuest2032; Gooshie the miner in #QuantumLeap; Merrill in #Charmed; & much more, including a lot of voice work for animated productions & video games.

Our sincerest condolences to his family, friends and fans. May he rest in peace.

William Morgan Sheppard (1932-2019)



RIP Steve Ditko, Co-Creator of Spider-Man & Creator of Doctor Strange

#RIP Steve Ditko, the comic-book writer & illustrator who co-created #SpiderMan with Stan Lee in 1961, has died at age 90. Spider-Man’s look — the costume, the web-shooters, the red and blue design — all came from Ditko. Spider-Man first appeared in Amazing Fantasy No. 15. and was an unexpected hit, which lead to the spin-off The Amazing Spider-Man. Ditko also helped create such Spider-Man characters as Doctor Octopus, Sandman, the Lizard and Green Goblin.

In 1963, Ditko created Doctor Strange, who debuted in Strange Tales No. 110. Ditko continued on that series until issue No. 146 in 1966.

After a dispute with Stan Lee in 1967, Ditko left Marvel Comics and worked for DC Comics and several others before returning to Marvel in 1979. where he worked on Machine Man and the Micronauts. Among his last creations was Squirrel Girl in 1992.

During his period away from Marvel, Ditko created Mr. A in 1967. He also created The Question, Hawk and Dove and the Creeper for DC Comics.

May he rest in peace.

Steve Ditko

Steve Ditko (1927-2018)