Newly Discovered Spiders Named after “Star Wars” Stormtroopers

Six new species of spiders have been recently discovered in Columbia, and four of them have been placed into a new genus named after the iconic #Stormtroopers of #StarWars.

Similar to tarantulas with armored bodies (but much smaller), two of the new species that have bald legs have been placed into an existing genus called Paratropis, but the other four are now part of a new genus called Stormtropis.

When asked why they came up with such a distinctive name for a new genus of spiders, co-author William Galvis (an arachnologist from the National University of Colombia) said there were two reasons: “The first one was because we love Star Wars. And the second one — sometimes it’s the only way to catch the attention of people outside the sciences.”

Drawing attention to rare species can help shape public opinions and environmental protections. Without public support, Galvis said, the work of preserving the planet’s diverse forms of life would falter.


Genus Stormtropis and their Namesake: “Star Wars Stormtroopers”